Nuclear Auxiliary Systems


A new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK has been given formal backing by the government. Glapwell are committed in becoming one of the UK's key partners.


As the global demand for energy increases, so does the drain on the planets natural resources. Governments across the globe are now looking towards nuclear power to meet their inevitable energy shortfall in the coming years.


The UK government has initially approved 10 sites in England and Wales for the nuclear power stations all to be built by 2025.



Back in 2011, Glapwell announced their aims and intensions in becoming a key partner in the design and supply of Civial Nuclear Auxiliary Systems for the nuclear sector. Since 1974, Glapwell have been manufacturing pressure vessels and all manner of related products. With the demand for these items set to increase due to the UK's committment for new nuclear power stations. Glapwell have been working closely with organisations such as Lloyds to ensure they have all relevant safety and quality of excellence certification.



Glapwell are now able to provide all manner of services and products to meet the UK's mission of building the countries new nuclear power stations, and helping to ensure a bright future.


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Besides manufacturing products that are in direct line with our existing range of pressure vessels, we are also capable of producing related items that are specific to the nuclear auxiliary programme such as:
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Scrubber Columns
  • Filter Vessels
  • Boric Acid Mixing Tanks - 304L
  • Blowdown Flash Tanks - 316L
  • Concentrated Tanks - EN 10028-3 P275NH/LP2
  • Reactor Coolant Drain Tanks - 304L
  • Intermediate Chain Surge Tanks - P355GH
  • Process Drains Tanks - 316L
  • Recycleable Effluent Tanks - 316L & 321
  • Concentrated Buffer Vessel - P375NH
  • De-contamination Waste Water Collection Tanks - P275NH
Glapwell are well versed in working with the specialist materials that are essential for use in the Nuclear industry such as:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
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